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Unication / Uni. Group was founded by seven communication experts in 1992. From these humble beginnings, we have continuously expanded our production scale and improved our innovative skills, and now the Unication banner has 500 employees all over the world, over half of which are highly trained engineers. Nowadays Unication stands as a leader in the world’s communications market. Unication headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and we have branch offices located in Arlington, Texas (USA), Vancouver (Canada), and Guangzhou (China).


Unication is specialized in the development and manufacturing of advanced communications related products, such as voice pagers and two-way radio communications systems. Our products are specifically designed for the usage of emergency services, public safety and homeland security sectors. Critical rescue, paramedics and firefighters hold the reliability of our voice pagers in high regard, while Military officials and policemen prize our two-way radio systems for their ruggedness and many features. We are very proud of integrating up-to-date automotive control facilities with our engineers' technical know-how, and we are always efficient in satisfying our clients' demands. Unication has also successfully established effective partnerships (both in design and manufacturing) with some of the most illustrious companies worldwide, such asMotorola, Verizon, Philips, Texas Instruments, American Messaging, Vodafone, LG… and many more, establishing a global brand that is well-known to experts in the field.


Unication continuously seeks to provide faster, higher quality service than ever. This is our ultimate mission: to be a customer-driven company, striving to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but also exceed them.

Research & Development Overview

Unication Research & Development Facilities

Unication has the following Research and Development Facilities:

  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Vancouver, B.C., Canada
  • Guanghzhou, China

The three facilities above focus on different technical areas and cooperate jointly to develop products, all in order to meet the customers’ needs.

Unication Taipei R&D Facility

  • Located at Unication Taipei corporate office
  • 150 engineers
  • Design expertise includes:
      • RF design, BB design, Mechanical design, Pager & embedded device, Software, Broadband(Internet & multimedia products) Software, Manufacturing Engineering, and most have more than 15 years experience
  • Products designed include:
      • Analog 2-way trunked & conventional Mobile radios
      • Advanced 2-way Messaging Devices
      • Proven track record of designing Public Safety Voice pagers for Motorola Pocsag and Flex™ 1-way pagers for U.S. Telecommunication operators
      • GPS tracking devices
      • Paging Base station transmitters & receivers
      • GPS RF base station Control products
      • Linear RF repeaters for cellular and paging
      • RF design and protocols for infrastructure
      • Trunking protocols
      • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)


Unication Vancouver R&D Facility

  • Located at Vancouver, Canada
  • 21 engineers
  • Products designed include:
      • Digital and Analog 2-Way Mobile Radio development & manufacturing (software based multi-protocol – Trunked and conventional, DTMF, IMTS, SMART, 2805, digital, etc.) 
      • Wireless terrestrial & satellite based telephone line extender voice and data radios
      • Digital Radio (DSP) based handheld wireless device products (2-way messaging and GPS tracking devices)
      • Integrated DSP, RF and Network Assisted/Differential GPS tracking devices
      • RF Base Station products: High specification FM, Linear transmitters and receivers  (ReFLEX, Paging,Wideband linear multi-carrier, FM transmitters, diversity digital receivers, GPS based control products)
      • 2-way Trunking, analog processing for 2-way radio, ReFLEX™, FLEX™, Analog processing (pre/de emphasis, compandors, expandors, tone generation/detection, etc.) digital Voice Compression
      • End to end wireless system design including Fractional T1 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio products
      • Wireless Infrastructure/Applications (Wireless Internet content, Wireless Email, Wireless Messaging, Vertical Applications)

Unicom (Guangzhou) R&D Facility

  • Located in Guangzhou, China 
  • 50 engineers (primarily baseband Hardware and Application software development) ,
  • Baseband Hardware development expertise for ARM CPU /Audio/Display/User interface/wire &wireless connectivity; 
  • Software expertise for handheld and mobile devices including: Linux/Android OS, bootloader, porting OS to all kind of CPU platform, function circuit driver, application software, APP for ios and Android, CPS (Customer PreSetting), Wi-Fi VoIP (SIP) etc 
  • Microsoft PC Utilities: Wireless Radio call and messaging device backup/restore etc.

Unication R&D Facility – Core Competencies

  • Engineering Core Competencies
      • DSP and Embedded Software Development
      • RF design
      • Digital Hardware design
      • Embedded Antenna design
      • PCB CAD design
      • Industrial Design
      • Mechanical design
      • Product ALT (Life Test) Qualification
      • Design Quality Assurance Automatic Test Design

Unication R&D Facility – Software Design Tools and Technologies

  • DSP processors:
      • Analog Devices, TI, Lucent DSP1616, M68K, ARM Processors, Cold Fire, MIPS3000, MIPS4000, Xscale, X86 embedded
  • DSP software design:
      • signal processing algorithms, modems, demodulators, Processors, Cold Fire, MIPS3000, MIPS4000, Xscale, X86 embedded modulators, equalization techniques, timing and carrier recovery, receivers for multi-path fading environments, echo-cancellers, efficient multi-tasking of algorithms
  • Voice processing: low bit rate coders, CCITT toll quality coders, effective
  • background noise suppression algorithms for telecommunication systems
  • Real-time embedded s/w design:
      • Assembly for above DSPs/Controllers, C, C++, efficient embedded RTOS design, device drivers, battery management and control, RF noise management algorithms
  • Wireless Protocol design, OTA provisioning algorithms

Unication R&D Facility – Hardware Design Tools and Technologies

  • Handheld integrated RF & DSP Digital low power designs
  • Acoustic designs for analog 2-way mobile radios
  • RF design of LNAs, Mixers, Modulators, Demodulators, switches, attenuators, amplifiers in the 30 MHz   to 5.8 GHz range
  • Low current, low phase noise synthesized oscillators (30 MHz to 5.8 GHz)
  • Design of very high speed ADC’s and DAC’s circuits interfaced to RF circuitry
  • DSP based AGC and AFC loops in RF transceivers
  • Multi-processor designs (h/w and s/w)
  • DSP & digital circuit ASIC design expertise
  • Expert PCB layout skills for mixed signal high volume RF designs
  • Battery management for handheld products
  • Handheld embedded antenna designs
  • Radio system link budget design
  • Network interface : Ethernet 802.3u (100/1000M), Wi-Fi 802.11g/a/n (54/108M)
  • Automatic test design for DVT approval
  • Automatic test design for Mfg support
  • Hardware Development Tools: Mentor, Pantheon, OrCad, HPADS, Pspice, Ansoft, Eagleware, VHDL

Unication R&D Facility – Mechanic Design Tools and Technologies

  • Professional Industrial Design
  • Plastic, Stamped Metal, Rubber Parts Design…
  • Double Injection Plastic Design
  • Plastic with Rubber Key Pad Design
  • Paint Processing, Vacuum Plating, Hard Cr Plating Design
  • Laser Mark Decoration Design
  • RP Mock-up Sample
  • Mechanical packaging for products
  • Mechanical Design Tools: Pro-E SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Finite Element and flow analysis tools

Product / Technical Road Map

Road Map20181105-01

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