FDIC 2017



FDIC is fire & rescue's largest annual expo, and with over 30,000 attendees this year in 2017, Unication's booth has been a great success!

With the gradual but growing trend towards digital P25 systems in both dispatch and on-site communications, the Unication G Series Voice Pagers have been a center of discussion throughout the entire event. More and more of our friends in the field are telling us how vital it is to have interoperability between different systems, and the fact that our pagers are able to aid greatly in this regard continues to encourage us to provide high-quality products for fire safety personnel.




This year, we demonstrated our newly developed 911 Dispatch Console, complementing our already robust P25 paging systems. This console is a total solution that combines all the features of our G Series Voice Pager in a single, easy to use package. With the console, dispatch will be able to send out voice calls, text messages and even images to firefighters on duty; in addition, by syncing their smartphone with their pagers firefighters will able to send back acknowledgements to dispatch, allowing for the control centers to always have a grasp on how many personnel are available in the field.

In the past, all this needed to accomplished by numerous third party methods, with text messages or e-mails from outside the public safety communications network. But mot anymore. Using a fully software-defined digital pager, Unication was able to develop a complete solution that will create new and exiciting possibilities for public safety in the years to come.

We are proud to have been able to demo it at FDIC, showing it firsthand to the brave men and women who risk their lives daily to serve the public. It's been great, and we look forward to meeting you all next year!