Whether you are part of a large workforce that is always on the move, or are simply looking for dependable and effective communication, the Unication Alpha Series Pagers are guaranteed to satisfy your communication needs. Since Unication has entered the industry, critical rescue personnel, paramedics and firefighters have all held the reliability of our Alpha Series Pagers in the highest regard. In addition, Unication also provides AES-128 encryption options which guarantee the privacy of your clients, and the confidentiality of your work. The fully synthesized pagers are not only your pagers, but also your calendar, text message center, notebook and alarm clock— all in one.

Unication Alpha Series Pager, your best companion on the go.

Unication presents a whole new generation of ruggedized alphanumeric pagers, which feature dual-frequency paging integrated with the latest GSM/GPRS technology. This up-to-date pager can not only receive signals from two different frequencies, but the built-in auto scanning between frequencies also saves time usually used on manual operations. A revolutionary two-way communications system (GSM ACK-BACK Function) is also part of the package, allowing emergency personnel to instantly report status to dispatch, providing valuable information on available manpower.

The E Series Rugged Pagers, your best choice for critical missions and emergency services.