Coming from a long line of classics, the Unication Alpha Legend/Elegant pager not only has VHF and UHF options, but also brings exciting new capabilities to POCSAG messaging. Beside the basic 4-line pager display, it has a customizable zoom function to display 2 lines for your viewing convenience. Other powerful functions include selectable tones and alerts, On/Off Duty Status Addressing, and many more. The Legend offers 16 Cap Code addresses, while the Elegant offers 8 Cap Code addresses.

From large, multi-department corporate settings to hospitals, hotels and everything in between,  efficient communications make the whole organization work better. When everybody's in touch, time is saved, and things get done. 

The Alpha Elegant / Legend Dual Pager is identical to the regular Elegant / Legend, with the exception of its VHF, UHF two frequency capability. The pager can be programmed to automatically scan both frequencies or allow the user to manually select between receiving modes of primary frequency, secondary frequency, or scan, giving users the flexibility that they require. 

Experience a timeless classic that's flexible and user-friendly to meet your daily paging needs. Alpha Elite is your pager, calendar, text message center, notebook and alarm clock all in one. It is a fully synthesized 4-Line Alphanumeric Pager that can zoom to a 2-Line display with larger characters. 19 personal messages can be stored on the Alpha Elite, of which 10 can be locked to prevent being replaced. The pager uses the FLEX coding format, and is available in VHF or 900 MHz models.