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Primary Frequency Setting

One of the frequencies can be prioritized to be primarily receiving channel or continuously scanned, when using the other frequency to receive messages.

Auto Scan

Alpha Legend/ Elegant "The Dual" can detect over the air signal to determine the right or appropriate frequency for the pager to receive messages.

Manual Switch

Users can also manually switch the frequency, in accordance with the frequency availability at/ to their sites.


  • 4 Line/ 2 Line Text Messaging
  • Programmable Default Zooming
  • 20 Alphanumeric Characters per Line
  • EL Backlight and Brightness Sensor for Auto Backlight


A variety of alerting modes can be assigned to each address.

  • 7 Alert Modes Selectable 
  • 16 Audio Alerts and 2 Vibrating Alerts
  • Reminder Alert Tone Selectable
  • Alert Tone Programmed via PPS or Front Panel


  • 8 RIC (32 sub-addresses)/ 16 RIC (64 sub-addresses)
  • On/ Off Duty Receiving Mode
  • Total 32 KB Message Memory Capacity
  • Duplicate Message Detection
  • Important Messages Lock


  • AES - 128 Encryption ensures complete security for all data transmissions.


  • 80.1 x 55.0 x 18.5mm


  • 87.5g


alpha spec -20170315-05 dual