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  • The E3 is designed with IP-64 (Ingress Protection Rating) dust / water proofing for the severest working environments.


  • 2 encryptions, AES-128 and IDEA, are provided to ensure complete security for all data transmission.

Dual Frequency

  • The E3 supports 2 programmable frequencies and also provides 32 programmable profiles. Receiving channels will be adjusted automatically when duty status is switched.

Backlight Indicator

  • The E3 comes with a backlight with 7 different colour options, and can be coded to different sources- helping you identify the source of a message quickly and easily.

3 Different Models

  • The E3 comes in 3 different models to satisfy diversified demands.

 The 3 models are as follows:

1. E Series-B Basic Model

2. E Series-G GSM Model

3. E Series-G GPRS Model


  • 55W x 82.8H x 24.5D mm (Basic & SV Model)
  • 55W x 89.8H x 26.0D mm (GSM Model)


  • 105g (Basic Model)
  • 123g (GSM Model)




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