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  • Designed to IP67 for water ingress and MIL-STD-810G specifications, the rugged U3 can handle the harshest environments.


  • AES-256 ensures heavy security for all data transmissions.

Multi Protocol

  • The U3 supports all major standards, with Analog, P25 and DMR capability all in a single device. It also supports dual-mode, allowing the user to receive / send analog and digital signals simply by detecting the incoming protocol.

Digital voice over analog

  • The groundbreaking Digital Voice Over Analog (DVOA) Function allows the handheld radio to transmit digital data over existing analog systems. This includes voice, images, text and much more.

GPS Functionality

  • GPS capability and on-screen mapping mean that you see the locations of nearby teammates, all the time. 


  • The Radio and Repeater (R & R) function means that a U3 is capable of serving as an impromptu repeater, allowing for quick range extension conveniently on hand.