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Connecting Repeaters

  • Switching systems are connected by Internet/Intranet, and as a result the repeaters connected to the switching systems can communicate each other, fully extending the communications range. By using MCPE switching systems, the radios use different repeaters to call each other or send data message.

Roaming function

  • The MCPE provides roaming capabilities to its connected radios. When the radios roam to another repeater radio area, it will be able to communicate with the equipment within the original repeater radio area.


  • Radios can make calls to or receive calls from other communication systems (GSM/PSTN/VOIP System) by accessing the MCPE switching system, allowing unimpeded communication between systems.


  • The communication information between the radios that are managed by the same repeater will be store in the database by MCPE switching system, allowing for easy data records.


Coming soon! The MCPE will enter beta testing in 2018!



Coming Soon! The MCPE will enter beta testing in 2018.