Traditionally, Emergency Dispatch Centers broadcast to all public safety personnel in the field using Voice Pagers, but can only do so once they have finished receiving the emergency call. Some Emergency Dispatch Centers have chosen to use the mobile phone network to send Text Messages to personnel in the field, to give them a short text-based briefing of the situation; however, this cannot be done through the public safety network, which presents a risk in critical missions.

Unication developed the Voice Pager Text Message Solution to allow for Firefighters to receive the fastest, most up to date information on the fire scene, and to protect both life and property.

Dispatch centers can now swiftly send out vital text and image information as they are receiving emergency calls, and they can send the messages directly through the public safety communications network, right into a firefighter’s pager. This not only saves valuable money spent on sending text messages, but also be done without changing a single thing in the existing Dispatch system.

The Unication Text Message Solution is designed to work with nearly every system used by fire and safety personnel, whether it is Analog or Digital Protocols (DMR, P25 Conventional, P25 Trunking). The console also has Call Alert or Quick Call II options for any dispatch systems that requires them.