Log Extraction Tool


Welcome to the Log Extraction Tool page. On this page, you can learn how to report your issues to Unication correctly and with more efficiency. Before you download this software to your PC, please read the introduction and the operation below if you haven't downloaded it before
1. What Is Log Extraction Tool and How Does It work?
  In the past few years, Unication has been dedicated to establishing an issue reporting system which is able to let the users report their issues directly to Unication. By direct the issues back to Unication, not only saving their time to contact the local code plug programmer people, but also the users can get instant helps from the professional Unication engineers.

Unication Log Extraction Tool is a software developed by Unication itself which can extract the execution logs of the user's pager directly. That means, the Unication engineers can easily know the root cause by reviewing the Log in the user's pager.
2. Start to use Log Extraction Tool Now!
  Before you start this software, please see the notices below.
  a. Please ensure the G series Voice Pager's battery statue must be one bar left.
  b. The G series Voice Pager uses a USB cable to connect to the PC, which must have a working internet connection. If the internet is unavailable, the Trace Log files will not be able to be successfully uploaded to the Unication Log Servers.
  c. When uploading the log file, you can use the voice recording attached function to attach the recording files to help developers find the problems more quickly.
  d. When you use the Log Extraction Tool, please do not open the G-Series or U-Series PPS in order not to affect the backup system.
    Operation Screen of Log Extraction Tool
  For more detailed operation flow, please refer to the "Unication G Series Voice Pager Trace Log Extraction Function Quick Guide" down below.
3. Download
  Unication Log Extraction Tool Software
  Unication G Series Voice Pager Trace Log Extraction Function Quick Guide