Innovative Solutions for Problem Solving


  • The Unication Text Message Solution can also provide GPS information on the scene of fire. If a Unication two-way radio receives the GPS information of the location in question, then the users can choose to turn on the map to display the location of the scene, and the firefighters present. Furthermore, this function can send additional supporting data, such as the type of structure or fire at the crisis, to aid the firefighters in rescue efforts in the emergency.

  • Through using the ACK function of Unication Voice Pagers (the Acknowledgment message is transmitted to a mobile phone using Bluetooth, and then transmitted to the Dispatch Center with the mobile network), public safety personnel in the field can respond whether or not they are able to participate in missions. In addition, the Dispatch Center can use their console to keep track of available personnel, to effectively use the manpower on hand.

  • The points mentioned above are the specialties of the Unication Text Message Solution. These new functions can raise the efficiency of existing Dispatch Center effectiveness, and in turn protect ever more lives and property from being harmed.