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  • The Unication G1 has Low band, VHF and UHF options. Along with its robust selection of 64 channels, the G1 also provides a free scan mode that can scan within its working frequency.


  • Rugged. Reliable. The G-Series has both IP67 and MIL-STD-810 waterproof capabilities, and is able to be submerged completely.

Bluetooth Capability

  • The G1 Advanced Pagers are capable of interfacing with smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing for high tech dispatch functions via the Unication Dispatch Console.

Text message CAPABILITY
  • Through the use of a Unication Dispatch Console, dispatchers can send detailed text messages to crew members that need them, which are easily readable on their display screens.

Dispatch center ack system
  • Dispatch center software is able to display detailed data on volunteers: the on / off status of pagers, the specialties of each member, the number of volunteers that have received and acknowledged the message… and much more.