Innovative Solutions for Problem Solving


Flexible Platform Topologies

  • 1-way P25 Trunking Coverage Extension for P25 Paging.
  • Upgradable to 2-way Trunking. Re-uses the 1-way Paging equipment. (GPS Locked frequency & Time reference.)
  • Base Station Radio R0x has independent and configurable Receiver band Transmitter frequency bands.
  • Conventional : dynamic mixed mode P25 digital conventional or analog conventional
  • Data : Dynamic assignment between voice and SNDCP data frames
  • Linear option supports

Radio linking to receive Host site using directional antennas

  • Cost effective, efficient installation.
  • No monthly linking costs for 1-way paging site configuration using TC01.
  • Can re-use legacy County Fire / Police Station sites / towers using TC01.

Standard P25 Standard ISSI IP linking using TC01

  • Interface to standard dispatch and existing radio systems.
  • Dual redundant Microwave radio and / or / Fibre etc.
  • Software upgrade to support ISSI standard 2-way site configuration

Inbound P25 Receiver Diversity using CR01

  • CR01 receivers installed in problem areas (no fan, can be in ‘dusty’ environment).
  • Install DCS “Diversity combiner software” at main repeater BR01site.
  • Rugged metal housing, no fan, 12VDC operation (wall adapter, standard UPS), wide temperature operating range -30 to 60C.
  • No FCC license required for the CR01 site, can use low cost sites.
  • GPS Synchronization and packet time stamping.
  • Connects to BR01 repeater site diversity combiner DC01 unit.
  • Multiple connection methods to DC01.
  • Wifi, LTE, Ethernet, BR01 RF linking, 4wire, satellite.

Alarm Reporting

  • TX01 Alarms and information include these.
  • CR01 Alarms and information.