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● Digital and Analog Dual Mode. Improve the compatibility with the existing systems.

U Series Portable Radio supports multiple Protocol, including MDC 1200, 5-tone, 2-tone, DTMF, DMR, P25…and so on. U Series Portable Radio also has these function: Support analog and digital two systems coexisted which means 2 Protocol can be compatible in one frequency channel, automatically distinguish the Protocol which the radio receives and demodulate it,  automatically distinguish whether the system used by the other radio is a digital or analog system and selects the mode to transmission, and is able to work with the two-way digital and analog systems of the mainstream brands on the market. 

● Repeater Mode R&R ( Radio and Repeater)

Sometimes, when users are in the mission, they need to temporarily expand the mission areas due to some special circumstances. Users are often limited by the distance of the communication and this causes the delay in receiving the command which needs to be transferred to the members. Unication provides R&R function which allows the user's radio to be a radio in general situations. However, when an expanded distance of communication is needed, the user can switch the radio to the repeater mode. The radio on hand can instantly be used as a repeater and the distance of the communication becomes double.

● GPS Self-Located and Automatically Location Reported to Specific Radios

U Series Radio is inbuilt GPS (Global Positioning System) and provides an automatic location report function. It makes users are able to immediately understand the deployment or the situation of the members in the group and that means users can dispatch the members and provide support in the best efficient way.

● Display the Information of the Map and the Radio Position in the Group

Unication provides Map Software which supports Unication radios. The software allows the users to download the map information into the radios and the users can combine it with the GPS function of the radio which directly displays the map information on the radio's screen, mark out the self-location and the location of other members in the group. 

● Picture Transmission Function

Unication U Series Radio is able to transmit the picture via radio wave in either analog mode or digital mode. Combined with the radio built-in GPS function, users can directly send the picture which is added the GPS information, voice memo, or text message to another radio. When other radios receive the picture, it can be displayed directly on the radio's screen and users can know the position information, voice memo, and text message of the picture.

● Analog Communication AES-256 Digital Encryption (SDVOA) Function:

Voice-digitalization in the analog system allows users to enjoy the communication quality under the digital system. Combined with AES-256 certificated by the Federal Government of the United States, even in the analog system, users can have the digital-system-level effect of encryption.

● Bluetooth Application:

Built-in Bluetooth transmission function. Users can combine it with the Bluetooth wireless speaker mic provided by Unication. This solves the cable problems which always bother you; users can be more nimble in the mission. Also, combine Bluetooth with the mobile camera, the user can send the picture to the radio via Bluetooth. Next, the user can report the situation very quickly by sending the picture to a specific person via radio.

● Emergency Call and Man-down Alert Call Function

When in an emergency situation, users can send the emergency signal by pressing the emergency button manually. Besides, when the man-down alert function is activated, the radio will send out a man-down alert call if the member is down. When the commander receives the emergency signal, he can via the radio on his hand to activate the monitoring function to listen to the on-site message, talk to the on-site member and ask the on-site radio to report the position information.

● Remote Monitoring Function

This function allows the commander to remotely monitor the radios in your group. The commander can through specific OTA orders to activate any radio's microphone in the group and have the remote monitoring.

● Unication Full-Duplex Function

A full-duplex allows communication in both directions, and, unlike a half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously. Full-duplex has several benefits over the use of half-duplex. First, there are no collisions so time is not wasted by having to retransmit frames. Second, any emergent information can send to the remote side immediately instead of waiting for the remote side to stop transmission. The most special is Unication full-duplex not only allows two radios to communicate with each other but also allows third party radios (in the same talk group) to listen to the communication.





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